SFG Company | SFG

Providing Innovative & Comprehensive Electrical Solutions to Electrical Utilities, Heavy Industries, Private Sector and Solar industries since 1988

We are an Electrical Engineering company with vast experience in the field of Electrical Engineering providing Total System Solutions to the utilities and the various manufacturing and heavy industries for 132kV, 33kV or 11kV switchgear, power/distribution transformer, relay & control panels and its relevant accessories.

We are committed to continuous efforts to provide the best and most competitive products, system solutions and services to our customers.

Total customer satisfaction with continued partnerships and support are our top priority and driving focus.

Our Vision & Mission


We are committed in our efforts to provide quality products, innovative system solutions and market competitive prices to our customers; and to maintain high level of competency, integrity and fairness in relationship with customers, principals and business partners.


Continuous improvement on our product range and solutions and pushing the boundaries in systems design to produce superior results.

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