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Electrical Network Management System

Substation / Plant Network Monitoring & Protection System

With our line of intelligent power devices and substation management SCADA system we introduce and implement complete solutions for remote monitoring and control, power quality/network analysis and complete substation operations management integrating substation protection.

We have implemented 132kV/33/11kV substation SCADA systems for the private industry. In Malaysia, our line of intelligent power devices are currently used in various electrical network/substation monitoring applications namely industrial plants, institutional/commercial facilities, utilities and IPPs and many other locations.

We provide the System Solutions for:

  • Electrical Network/Substation Monitoring System on Substation SCADA
  • Power Quality Monitoring and analysis for private consumers, LSS and utility
  • Energy Monitoring/Management and Maximum Demand Controlling
  • Solar PV Monitoring System
  • Battery Monitoring System
  • Temperature, Partial Discharge & Humidity Monitoring for Medium Voltage Equipment