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Single Phase Power Factor Capacitor

The Single Phase Power Factor Correction Capacity (1 KVAR, 1.5 KVAR)

(1 KVAR, 1.5 KVAR)
Specially designed for Commercial and Industrial customers paying the Low Power Factor Surcharge, the Single Phase Power Factor Correction Capacitor comes in two ratings, 1.0 kVAR and 1.5 kVar.

Low Power Factor problems at your premise can be fixed easily by installing a Capacitor of either 1.0 or 1.5 kVAR rating. The Capacitors work as Reactive Current Generators and helps off-set non-working power. By fixing the Low Power Factor issue at your premise, you stand to lower your electricity bill by eliminating the penalty charge.

Each Capacitor represents a single phase. Therefore, consumers/premises with single phase = 1 capacitor; two phase = two capacitors; three phase = 3 capacitors.

What is Power Factor?
It is actual Working power. Not all electrical current is converted into Useful power that actually does the work. The Power Factor acts as an indicator of how this affects the efficiency of the electrical supply system. The graph below shows Reactive Power in a nutshell.

Why is there a Penalty for Low Power Factor? dentifiable
as, 'Surcaj Angkadar Kuasa' on your Electricity Bill
The Utilities have a pre-set limit for Power Factor (a Power Factor that falls below 0.85 is typically considered low by utility companies).

Users are charged for having lower than optimum Power Factor because the Utilities have to increase its capacity to generate more power for facilities with Low Power Factor.

What causes Low Power Factor?
The main cause for Low Power Factor is Inductive Load generally caused by usage of large equipment and motors which require high reactive power (KVAR). In homes, these would include fridges, washing machines, air conditioners.

Products Key Features

What differentiates Single Phase Power Factor Correction Capacitor from the rest is its unique features that were created to provide every customer with the best possible experience.

3 Pin Plug

The standard 3 pin plug allows for instant plug and play.

Status Indicator

The LED light indicator shows the Capacitor is functioning the minute it is plugged in.


Sized to your convenience, this 6 x 3.4 inch Capacitor is about the size of your hand and won't take up much space at all when plugged in.


If your premise requires more power factor improvement you can simply add another Capacitor of 1.0 or 1.5 kVar rating

Get Your Electricity Bill as Low as Affordable as The Power Factor Improves

The effectiveness of your Capacitor will show clearly on your next TNB bill under Angkadar Kuasa whereby the power factor will have risen. This information can be found in your TNB app or on your physical bill as shown in the image.

For accuracy, please ensure the Capacitor has been installed for a full month's bill cycle before evaluation.