HV & MV SFGas Insulated Switchgear up to 132kV

  • HV SF6 Gas Insulated Switchgear from 72.5kV to 145k
  • MV SF6 Gas Insulated Switchgear to 33kV
  • Fully Comply with the latest IEC Standard and Typed Tested

HV & MV Power Transformers 

  • Oil filled Power Transformer up to 800kV and cast Resin up to 33kV
  • Fully Comply with the latest IEC Standard and Typed Tested 


Solid Insulated & SF6 Gas Insulated Vacuum Recloser for Power Distribution System

  • 11kV & 33kV Auto Recloser & Controller for Scada Ready
  • Fully Comply with the latest IEC Standard and Typed Tested 
  • With TNB Product Accepted Certificate (SGP)
  • Accepted by Sarawak Energy Berhad for use in SESCO Distributed Systems




Solid Dielectric Load Break Switches

  • To improve the disadvantages SF6 gas inslated Load Break Switch to enhace Electric Power Distribution Line.
  • Rated Voltage 12kV – 33kV

Outdoor MV & HV Capacitor Bank – Rack type and Cubicle Type

  • Improve the power factor in the network and power transmission capability and increased control of power flow.
  • Improve the voltage stability and reduce transmission and distribution network losses.
  • Consist of indoor and outdoor solutions, which can be single step fixed or multi-step switched.
  • Fully Comply with the latest IEC Standard and Type Test by Accredited Lab
  • With TNB Approved Certificated (SGP)

LV Indoor Ground Mounted & Pole Mounted Capacitor Bank

  • Rate voltage 440V – 525V
  • IEC Comply and Type Test by Accredited Lab
  • With TNB Product Acceptance Certificate (SGP)


HV Gapless Metal Oxide Surge Arrester up to 500kV

MV Porcelain & Polymeric Metal Oxide Gapless Surge Arresters & Accessories
  • Porcelain & Polymeric Housing
  • Voltage up to 800kV
  • Hermetically Sealed

MV & HV Cable termination Kits and Accessories up to 145kV

  • High and extra high voltage cable systems up to 550kV
  • Medium voltage cables up to 45kV
  • Cable accessories
  • Approved by DIN VDE

Hot Online Oil Purifier

The Hot On Line Oil Purifier system is designed for unattended operation and remove suspended carbon; organic acid; moisture; sludge; metal particles; impurities and dust. With this, it extends OLTC life and most importantly maintains the dielectric strength of the insulating oil.

  • Oil purification is available under hot line condition
  • Absorb moisture and organic acids to increase dielectric strength of the oil
  • Filter element colloid impurities
  • High remove capacity of carbon in the oil
  • Fee from oil leakage

MV & HV Instrument Transformers

  • Outdoor Oil Cooled Instrument Transformers (CT/PT) up to 500kV Voltage Class
  • Combined CT/PT units up to 33kV Voltage class
  • Precision grade current & potential transformers / test benches
  • Fully Comply with the latest IEC Standard and Typed Tested 

Automatic Oil- water interface Detector Pump Controller

Water Pump Switch

 Available in 120 VAC, 230 VAC European, or 12/24 VDC
• No expensive electrical panel required
• Sensor differentiates between oil and water
• Differential between on and off comes in 2.5″or 6″ models
• Available with or without a piggy-back plug
• Helps satisfy ASME 17.1 and The Spill Prevention, Control, and Countermeasure Plan issued by the EPA.

• Elevators
• Electric Utilities (Substations, Power Plants, Underground Vaults and Transformer Barriers /Pits)
• Any Industrial Sump.

Glass Disc Insulator & Pin Insulator

  • Used in LV, MV Overhead line System
  • Fully Comply with the latest IEC Standard and Typed Tested 
  • With TNB Product Certificate (SGP)

Voltage Discharge Stick – MV up to 36kV


The Voltage Discharge Stick, model MVDS 36, is used to discharge stored energy in test objects. It is suitable for use in electrical systems up to 36kV only. The stick has 5 metre earthing conductor capable of direct earthing after discharging. The discharge stick comes with a protective carrying case.

Fuse Link J-Slotted 

NH Knife Blade Fuses

Short-Circuit Indicators & Earth Fault Indicato

MV Phase Comparators

MV Voltage Detector Series

Outdoor LV Fuse Switch Disconnector up to 40

Hydraulic Cable Crimping & Cutter and Accessories

Accessories for Industry and Railway Systems

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