Our Products

HV, MV & LV Equipment and Accessories

  • HV & MV Gas Insulated Switchgear up to 132kV
  • HV & MV Transformers up to 800kV and Cast Resin up to 33kV
  • Solid Insulated Vacuum Recloser for Power Distribution System
  • Solid Dielectric Load Break Switches
  • Outdoor Ground Mounted Capacitor Bank – Rack type and Cubicle Type
  • LV Indoor Ground Mounted & Pole Mounted Capacitor Bank
  • HV Gapless Metal Oxide Surge Arrester up to 500kV
  • HV & MV Cable termination Kits and Accessories up to 145kV
  • Hydraulic Cable Crimping & Cutter and Accessories
  • Hot online Oil Purifier
  • HV & MV Instrument Transformers
  • Automatic Oil- water interface Detector Pump Controller
  • Short-Circuit Indicators & Earth Fault Indicators
  • Glass Disc Insulator & Pin Insulator
  • Outdoor LV Fuse Switch Disconnector up to 400A
  • Fuse Link J-Slotted & NH Knife Blade Fuses
  • Voltage Discharge Stick – MV up to 36kV

Renewable Energy & Power Information, Communication integration

  • Grid-Tied & Solar Hybrid System (SHS) & Large Scale Solar (LSS)
  • DC Power Equipment – Battery, Charger and Accessories
  • Energy Storage for Energy & Smart Grid Management
  • Rapid Car Charger with Solar Hybrid System
  • Remote monitoring of Solar Hybrid System





Electrical Network Management System

  • Substation / Plant Network Monitoring & Grid Interconnection
  • Local/Remote Monitoring, Battery Monitoring System and PV Plant Monitoring











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