Get to know us better

SFG Technology (M) Sdn Bhd was established in 1988.

We are an Electrical Engineering company with vast experience in the field of Electrical Engineering providing Total System Solutions to the utilities and the various manufacturing and heavy industries for 132kV, 33kV or 11kV switchgear, power/distribution transformer, relay & control panels and its relevant accessories.

Ever since our formation, we have been totally committed in our continuous efforts to provide the best and competitive products, System Solutions and services to our customers. Total customer satisfaction with continuing and repeat business and support from our customers are our top priority and driving focus in our existence.

Business Focus

  We provide solutions and supply equipment to the Electrical Power Utilities & Renewal Energy System as follow:

    • HV and MV equipment for Utilities and Heavy Industries with reputable brands for Power Transformers, Instrument   Transformers integrating Hardware & Software for Smart Grid, HV & LV Capacitor, Auto Recloser, Switchgear etc.
    • Electrical Network Management for Energy Efficiency and Optimized Operation.
    • Renewable Energy System Integration and Overall Solution including Energy Storage for Smart Grid/Rapid Charging of Electric Vehicles.
    • Grid-Tied & Solar Hybrid System (SHS).
    • DC Power Equipment – Battery, Battery Charger and Accessories.
    • Local/Remote Monitoring of Battery Banks System and PV Power Plants (LSS).
    • Power Quality Measurement services for Grid Interconnection.
    • Wireless, Battery-less Real Time Temperature/ Partial Discharge Monitoring.

As manufacturer’s representatives, we support contractors and consultants with technical and engineering know how on our equipment as well as creative substation engineering for both Power Industry options utilizing today’s convergent technologies of power with information, communication, hardware and software.