Grid -Tied & Solar Hybrid System (SHS) & Large Scale Solar (LSS)

System Integrator for:
  • Grid Tied BIPV
  • Stand Alone Hybrid System for Remote Installation for School, Village, Monitoring Station, Solar Farm and Telco Station

DC Power Equipment – Battery, Battery Charger and Accessories

DC Power Equipment especially for Renewable Energy Solar Power Plant, HV /MV Substation and Railways and Oil & Gas industry

Lead Acid battery

Deep Cycle Lead Acid battery for Solar Hybrid System. We have full range of 100-3000AH for Flooded OPzS battery and free maintenance OPzV.

Nickel Cadmium battery

30V DC system consist of 30V battery charger, charger cubicle and battery cell

  • Applicable for TNB distribution Indoor Substation, 11kV PE. Used with Nickel Cadmium low maintenance battery type
  • Single charger and one battery bank

Energy Storage  for Energy & Smart Grid Management

Energy Storage Solutions is a way to store energy  and can be used for numerous type of application. The applications are as follows;-

·         ESS for ancillary services, renewable integrations (Utility)

·         ESS for rural electrification, off-grid & stand alone system

·         ESS for Fast Charging Electric Vehicle

We provide energy & power sizing based on the application above. Energy Storage Solutions are the way of future to downsize our dependence towards fossil fuel.