Substation / Plant Network Monitoring & Protection System

With our line of intelligent power devices and substation management SCADA system we introduce and implement complete solutions for remote monitoring and control, power quality/network analysis and complete substation operations management integrating substation protection. We have implemented 132kV/33/11kV substation SCADA systems for the private industry. In Malaysia, our line of intelligent power devices are currently used in various electrical network/substation monitoring applications namely industrial plants, institutional/commercial facilities, utilities and IPPs and many other locations. 

We provide the System Solutions for :

1. Electrical Network/Substation Monitoring System on Substation SCADA

2. Power Quality Monitoring and analysis for private consumers and utility

3. Energy Monitoring/Management and Maximum Demand Controlling

4. Solar PV Monitoring System

5. Battery Monitoring System

    Electrical Network/Substation Monitoring System on Substation SCADA

    • To provide customers with the basic information about the quality of power (PQ) delivered at selected nodes.
    • To provide trending, tracking and basic PQ incident data as to correlate with system event or activity for facilitating fault investigation.
    • To provide nearly instantaneous alarms when selected PQ incidents occur (early warning system).
    • To facilitate the preparation of monthly or annual system performance report to regulatory body.

    Solar Farm  Monitoring System 

    Comprehensively monitor the overall performance of Solar Plant which include:

    ·  Performance of PV modules, each string in combiner boxes and inverters

    · Total DC and AC power & energy generated

    ·  Environmental conditions such ambient temperature, cell temperature, solar irradiance & soiling measurement 

    Battery Monitoring System

    ·        A system to monitor & track the batteries’ performance to ensure in ease maintenance or replacement

    ·        Continuous 24/7 on-line monitoring for system status indication

    ·        Comprehensive battery state of health analysis of each cell

    ·        Eliminate/reduce the risk of potential downtime

    ·        Measuring 4 parameters for each individual cell which is cell voltage, temperature, conductance & strap resistance

    ·        Inter-cell connection integrity monitoring

    ·        Scalable and expandable system

    ·        Wireless communication for each battery sensor for easy installation, operation and maintenance