Our Services

  1. Service, maintenance and repair of Cembre Hydraulic Cable Crimping Tools and Cable Cutter
  2. Service and maintenace of Low Voltage Capacitor Bank
  3. Power Quality Measurement to Meet TNB Grid Interconnection Requirements for IPPs and Solar Plants
  4. Services & Maintenance of Grid Connected Solar PV System
  5. Supervision of HV transformer Installation
  6. Data Logger – Weather / Multi AC Feeder for Pencawang Elektrik (P/E)
  7. Service for Load Profiling / Energy Audit
  8. Maximum Demand Control

To support the above services, SFG has equipped with the following comprehensive test equipment:-

  1. Clamp Meters
  2. Insulation Testers
  3. True RMS Digital Multimeters
  4. Power Harmonic Analyzers
  5. Air Speed & Temperature Anemometer
  6. Digital Tachnometer
  7. Earth Resistance Clamp Testers
  8. Infra Thermal Imager
  9. Automatic Insulation Oil Test Set
  10. Leakage Current Meter
  11. Ultrasonic Leak Detector
  12. IV Checker for PV
  13. Weather Energy Data Logger / Data Logger
  14. Distilled Water Equipment
  15. Plug In Mains Power & Energy Monitor
  16. DC Load Bank
  17. DC Battery Charger
  18. AR Drone & Phantom 4
  19. Seek Thermal Seek Compact XR
  20. Thickness Gauge & Digital Force Gauge
  21. Digimatic Caliper & Pneumatic Tools